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By Emelisa Mudle

Cherry apple red, that is the colour of the bandana I have to wear. Funny, one would think it would be blue or something. I feel so down and out about all of this I told them I didn't want anything to do with it. But they wouldn't listen. Maybe my no, isn't forceful enough.


I think I shall just stand in front of the mirror and practise.


Sigh, I am so convincing. Ok time to head out and get this over and done with, "Jesse! hi, you made it?" "Yes I have," "come on this will be fun." "Really? Which part?" "You are so funny I know you want to do this I can tell."I just look at her with that deer in the headlights look. Ok there about to start hurry up, Oh god! Must I? I stand in line, the music begins and off we go.


Who would ever thought I would ever do line dancing! Not to mention being in a parade with it, I feel tight and uneasy. Embarrassed is a good word. Then I hear the crowd start clapping and I start thinking to myself, "you mean they like this?"

My feet become lighter, the rhythm is flowing through me now, and a smile emerges. Hey look at me! I am having a good time. I got so excited that I lost my step and almost pushed the team into a domino affect, we did this for over a mile. "Well Jessie that wasn't too bad now was it?" "Ahh, yeah it was ok." "Come on lets get a drink and watch the rest of the show."


As the night came upon us the fireworks lit up the sky, it was a beautiful day. I had fun and met some lovely people. Takes a lot of courage to go out and live life at times, instead of hiding behind the wall of not feeling good enough. "Carly?" "Yes Jessie." "I had a great day." "I know you did." "You always do."

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