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Lucie Walker

I can't begin to tell you of the gift I've been given by having spent time painting with Emelisa. She's changed the way I view painting and even creativity, forever.

I had painted a couple watercolors before, but I had never painted on canvas until Emelisa helped me "let go through paint."

Her relaxed approach led me through a true letting go.... Letting go of concern of 'what' to paint, of preconceived ideas on how the painting should look, and perhaps most importantly, gave me permission to paint in the first place.

Somewhere along the way I learned that painting was only for 'real' artists, and Emelisa helped me discover that there is a real artist inside us all, if we will just lure it out with a gentle nudge.

When I asked her, "What should I paint?" She replied to just put some colors down and just play with them, without heavy thought to where the painting was 'going'.

Just paint! You mean it's OK?? (Somehow I thought the Paint Police would shut me down!)

Funny/tragic how fragile our creative beings are, but then again, not surprising considering they spend most of their lives hiding under the couch. Honestly, I believe all ANY of us need is ~permission~. That's what Emelisa gave me.


Just paint. What a concept! One that changed the way I look at painting, and the whole creative process, forever. Thanks, Em.


Lucie Walker is a wonderful artist and amazingly creative soul.She and her partner Steve are also country singers in Vancouver Canada.

A definite treat to the eyes, ears and soul. Visit her website at:


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Sheryl Dickerson

It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Emelisa Mudle's workshops both from a personal prospective and from a business one. Working as a life coach, I help my clients to overcome barriers to their success through a variety of exercises and reflection. Emelisa has taught me many new tools to add to my toolbox to do this. The questions she asked whilst I painted, created a mandala or made masks has helped me to look more deeply at my own limitations and blockages as well as show me ways to help my clients to do the same.


Being rather left brained at times, Emelisa helped release more creativity into my work, showing me that fears can come up during times you may least expect, for example painting with a creative artist watching on. This gave me a greater understanding of how my clients may feel during exercises that I may have viewed as simple.


I especially loved the exercise of communicating with painful parts of my body and have continued to use this technique to get more in touch with my body.

Thank you Emelisa for the fun, the learning and the new tools


Warmest regards

Sheryl Dickerson


Kay Tarrant

Working with Emelisa is equivalent to a wonderful, gentle journey within. Whether it's using paint to explore how we play, or whether it's going on a deeper journey to discover/recover new or forgotten aspects of ourselves, Em is an awesome guide. With her hands in the paint, her feet firmly planted on the ground, and her heart rich with her own "art-felt" experience. She has the ability to respond and reflect with ease and accuracy. The process of unfolding that she takes us on is filled with both our own and her insight into the symbols, colours, shapes, thoughts and emotions that spill forth 'onto the paper'. I feel safe with her to be all of who I am - to be utterly honest and real, and to know that this unveiling of "me" will be given the greatest respect and understanding. She is an inspired and inspiring natural teacher, and I am grateful for her insight and wisdom into my life.


Kay Tarrant. Team leader at Camp Eden.


Jane Longstaff

'I have attended two courses with Emelisa now and both have been unique and original.  Emelisa offers a safe and beautiful space to open up and discover new things about yourself.  I felt immediately welcome, supported and honestly guided.  Instinctively I knew that I could trust Emelisa and her intuitive guidance at all times.  She is always fully present and focused.  Her encouragement is non intrusive, offering new ideas to address old problems.  I would highly recommend anyone to attend any course she does, knowing they will come away better for it, renewed and lighter in spirit.'  Jane Longstaff



Thank you for the wonderful opportunity this new ‘What do you want’ workshop provided for me to effect positive change immediately in my everyday life.

Although it took me to some very raw painful feelings in the beginning at no time did I feel unsafe in sharing those feelings within this friendly group setting.

Em, you provided genuine sensitive and empowering guidance to each of us individually and as a group and at no time did I feel rushed or not heard.

I enjoyed very much learning how to use the tools of the mandalas, body imagery, creative journaling and collage. I was amazed at how easily I was able firstly to realize the cause of feelings that have been blocking my path and then create an image of what I can achieve and feel empowered about achieving or attracting to me.

From the beginning to the conclusion I felt safe, heard and encouraged. The day flowed from one discovery to another and then to an ultimate feeling of achievement.

What was also amazing was that although the day was finished the tools and encouragement we were given presented me with a sense of a new beginnings and a way to continue using these tools to make positive changes in my life on an ongoing basis.

I am excited about using these creative instruments and look forward to another opportunity to experience this power of change through one of your amazing workshops.


Gold Coast


Ruth Reeve

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the Mask making and Painting workshop. They helped me to get more in touch with my inner child and allowed me to express hidden emotion in a safe, supporting, non-judgemental environment."

Ruth Reeve, Gold Coast



"A sense of renewal with self, reacquaint with joy and peace within. Em is a awesome Facilitator to true creativity.

Jomaine, California, Usa.


"Both workshops gave the parts of me that do not speak with words, a chance to express themselves and be heard and recognised"

Victoria, San Diego


"The process of each workshop was more important than the outcome, although I have hung my painting and masks on the wall.My spirit has been renewed.

Kriistina Middleton, USA


"I didn't realise I could walk out with a painting that didn't look anything in particular and be so satisfied.

Naomi, Gold Coast. Australia.


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