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"Workshops and Private Sessions" now available
through Skype and Facetime

I am very excited that I am able to share my workshops through skype and facetime. I have had many enquiries from people who are so far away wishing they could attend one of my workshops or private sessions. Below is a testimonial from a lovely soul in the UK who attended one of my private skype sessions

Each workshop and private session is about “letting go” of the mind and allowing our intuition and sub conscious to be free to express.

The intent in each workshop/private session is “connection” connection to self and to others, it is about having fun, and re connecting to a place that has laid dormant in you for so long.
The tribal people of our beautiful planet would gather and share in song, dance, storytelling and they would paint and tell their stories through paintings.

Each painting/collage has a personal message for you

As dance let’s your physical body express itself , painting unlocks the veil between the conscious and sub-conscious, there are so many wonders within us that are yet to be seen.
Whether you feel creatively stifled, searching for more fun in your life, wanting to just let go and feel the joy that creative play can bring to your heart. These workshops will assist to open the door to new possibilities in your life

Each workshop caters to the different needs of the individual

Paint play workshops and Private sessions are now Available through Skype and Facetime - Times suited to different time zones

I run couples sessions, which is a fun way to connect with each other and you take home a combined painting to remind you of what it is you are wanting to create in your life.

Testimonial - "I am the "lovely lady from the UK" (thanks for the compliment Em) and I so enjoyed my workshop! I was gently guided and in a short period of time was starting to let go and be creative from a more intuitive, emotional state. It was fun an
d although Emelisa was thousands of miles away her grace and kindness transended the internet and she was in the room with me, laughing with me and encouraging me all the way. Bless you Emelisa for taking on a new challenge and for responding to my email enquiry and making it happen. You have awakened my creative spark! Thanks, Beve x"

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