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"Paint Play" Workshops
By Emelisa Mudle



Have you ever wanted to paint but find yourself scared to try?

Have you ever wanted to be creative in any way but feel that you lack the creative skills?


We are all creative beings all of us. Somewhere in our childhood we lost the freedom to play, be it our parents wanting us to focus more on academic pursuits or our teachers telling us that what we do creatively, is wrong.

As a child, did you ever have someone tell you that you should always colour neatly inside the lines and not over the lines?


Who said it should be this way?

The key to being creative is to play and in the play is where the joy is.

The first thing a child does is draw. It's natural. Cave man drew on the walls many thousands of years ago

The divine spark of creativity is in each and every one of us.
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Anyone can Paint

Creativity isn't just about art. It's about the journey.

Creative Painting Workshops

In this 2-hour process-based workshop we explore your inner world using your opposing hand and everything else but a paintbrush.


As you go through this experience, you will find thoughts and feelings that will come up. The key is to acknowledge them, letting go of any fears and blocks that have held you back in life.


Creative Painting Workshops




Group workshops are $60.00.

Private sessions are $80:00.

Prices includes all materials.

I ask participants to arrive at 9:45 am for a 10:00 a.m. start.

I run these workshops from my home on the Gold Coast.

I am available to travel to other venues as well.
These workshops are available as through skpye


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