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Mask Making Workshop

By Emelisa Mudle


For the first part of this workshop as the mask is being made we focus on what it is we would like to let go of in our lives.

Some people look at their attachments in life, some look at their fears while others just go with the flow of what comes up at the time.


Making the mask is a gentle process using flour based glue and paper, each mask takes approximately 40 minutes.

While the masks are drying we have some lunch, then we sit back down in a circle and talk about what it we would like to bring into our lives.


Some people talk about a new relationship, living without fear, feeling happier and healthier it depends on each individuals needs at the time.


Once the masks have dried we start decorating; this is a great opportunity for the inner child to run free, for the creative juices to flow.


We then decorate the mask focusing on the discussion and what it is you want to bring into your life.


Mask Making Workshop

Some of the masks that have been made during the workshops.




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