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Mandalas - Workshop


Mandalas a Reflection of Self

Mandalas have been around since the time of the cave man.

Found on the walls of African, North American and European caves and rock carvings.


Man has been fascinated about the circle it is a natural process one which started as a child. If you watch a child use a crayon you will notice their circular motions and marks.

The Native Indians use what is called a medicine wheel, the Tibetan monks "Sand paintings."


So why the human fixation with circles?

They are all around us we started from an egg, we spend almost 9 months nestled in a spherical space in the womb.


As we are being born we are pushed out through a circular canal and enter into this amazing world, the earth being round which circles the sun. We are anchored to the earth by gravity so we are not conscious of the spinning. Yet our bodies know.


The atoms itself whirl in a circular patterns, the subliminal experience of circular movement, like the memory in our mothers womb is encoded in our bodies. We share these facts of life with all human beings both ancient and modern.


Why do all these different people find the circular form fascinating,
here is one mans description;


" I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing, a mandala, which seemed to correspond to my inner situation at the time. Only gradually did I discover that the mandala really is: the Self, the wholeness of the personality which if all goes well is harmonious."

Carl Jung.


Mandala - Workshop

Using a mandala is a fun creative way of unlocking the unconscious and bringing more awareness awakening us from the deep sleep" deep sleep meaning conscious would be more awake unconscious would be asleep".


As we work with a mandala we can use it to get more clarity into a certain issue we are facing in our lives or to bring fourth something we would like to manifest and even to let go of something. They tell an amazing story, your story. It is as though you are unravelling a mystery and pieces of the puzzle start to fit.


I once did a mandala on my new car I wanted, described the colour, feeling as I was driving it, sporty great stereo right down to the last detail, even to the guy was nice I bought it off.

Six weeks later there she was parked under my carport.


There are many ways to read a mandala but initially it comes down to you and how you feel. You can be guided into gaining more clarity but the story is yours only.


This mandala was very personal for me, my inner child doing her silent scream and feeling very tired of certain situations in her life.


She so wants to let go and create this beautiful new world.


Mandala - Workshop

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