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By Emelisa Mudle


Friedha Fartlow had an amazing ability to eat cheese under water while playing the violin, "what a strange woman" these people would say but they still came to watch her.

One-day Friedha and her friend Inga decided to go on a journey. A journey into the deep unknown. They packed their little bags and headed off into Unpleasantville, they had always heard of it and felt like it was time to go before they were too old."Mind you they are both 95 now."

So they headed off on the local ferry for a 3 hour-long journey through the islands and foggy mountainous terrain. "Inga? Look," "what?" "look at this?" Oh for god's sake can't a woman have a moments rest. "Oh my god. I have never seen one like that before, it is a tickletanklewingwonker" "Quick give me the binoculars." She almost pulls Friedha's head off as the binoculars are still wrapped around her neck."Look at the beak on that bird, it is glowing gold. Were is the camera?" Dang it.

The boat turned through the tight waterways and the bird disappeared off into the fog. Well that annoyed Inga to no end, she wandered off mumbling profanities to herself.


They finally arrived to their destination; as they left the boat they were full of joy at all the strange amazing things they were seeing. People with odd clothes and strange ways about them, they really felt like they fitted in. They quickly disappeared into the toilets and came back with their funky clothes on, bright colors and fun hats with bells on them. "Inga look this is wonderful" "I can see it Friedha," sssshh. Friedha looked at her and shook her head. Inga pulled out her flute and began playing, as she was walking, Friedha danced and jigged around.


Everyone was smiling and laughing and singing. Inga had her silvery locks braided and a henna tattoo put on her hand, Friedha shared stories with the locals. They were definitely in heaven here and didn't want to ever leave.


Oh my God! There is that gold beaked birdy again. Inga ran off chasing this little fellow in hope of getting a picture of him, she slipped into a hole in the ground and fell deeper and deeper into the earth. She screamed and waved her arms in the air. Friedha grabbed Ingas shoulders "wake up, wake up." "Oh what, huh?" "You were dreaming," "where am I?" "Remember we are in the cinema watching the African queen"

I swear Inga you are starting to loose your marbles."

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