Heart Art - Healing with Art :


Private & Couple Sessions

By Emelisa Mudle

Experiencing your Authentic Self through Creativity

Emelisa runs private sessions offering her clients a new perspective on how using creativity can assist you to unlock blocks and gain a better understanding of self.


Creative expression is such a gentle way of exploring your fears, unconscious thoughts and patterns and guiding us from those dark places back to the light love and joy of our natural way of being.


In these sessions

you will begin to:

  • Discover the joy, freedom, and confidence that comes through creative exploration

  • Start the process of uncovering some of the unconscious beliefs that have led to your patterns of behavior

  • Begin to develop a conscious awareness of how we continue to use our words to create our reality

  • Learn to tune into the messages of your own body and learn tools to become your own healer

  • Connect with your passions and dreams and begin to create amazing possibilities

Are you ready for change?


You do have a choice with how you feel, take back your power you have given to your fears and claim instead, the life you truly want to live.




“I have just done the Heart Art workshop with Emelisa as a one on one session. I can’t wait to do more workshops with her, Em is a very gentle and intuitive person who I feel very blessed to have met and worked with. In the workshop I could easily and safely explore my own inner critic who was blocking me from realizing my potential as an artist.


Through Em’s gentle guidance and a lot of fun playing with paint, I easily dissolved this inner block. I was surprised how much fun I could have and how easily I could overcome something that had been holding me back for so long. I left the workshop filled with confidence and joy, and have found this confidence and joy has stayed with me in everything I do, but especially in painting – I feel like I am finally alive as an artist!

Thank you Em.”





Testimonial - Couples Session


“We came as a couple to a special session with Emelisa. It was a fascinating couple of hours, and an interesting mixture of private and shared experiences. We both felt so welcomed, and relished the invitation to be experimental and adventurous with paint, tools and ideas. We truly painted ‘from the heart’ in a way that was both challenging and surprising. As art novices, we were delighted.
Thanks Emelisa for your warmth and insight. Kathleen and Brian”









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