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Healing with Art - Heart Art - Galleries - The "Reflection Gallery"

Artwork by Emelisa Mudle

Heart art, a continuing journey into self...


Heart Art - Galleries - The " Reflection Gallery"


Welcome to my Reflection Gallery.

You are about to explore my inner world, each painting has a story to tell, but I will leave the story telling to you.

All paintings are for sale please contact me for prices and payment details.


International visitors welcome - please contact Emelisa

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Painting - Love
Hands of Love
All you need is love


Painting - Be at peace
Always Remember
painting - Squared
Painting - Moon Love


Love Nature
Tranquil Moments
Gentle Moments
Rainbow Tree
Take me Away


Rainbow Tree Painting
Just a Moment - Painting
Reborn - Painting
Reflecting - Painting
Ghost Tree Painting
Reborn - Sold
Reflecting - Sold


Home - Painting
Whispers - Painting
Easy Feeling - Painting
Home - Sold


Over the Valley Painting
Perfect Day Painting
Twilight - Painting
Being - Painting
Reflect - Painting
Twilight - Sold
Being - Sold


Quiet Night - Painting
The beach - Painting
Celebrate - Painting
Sleep - Painting
Guiding Me - Painting
Celebrate - Sold
Sleep - Sold


Universally Speaking - Painting
Contemplation - Painting
The View - Painting
In my Dreams - Painting
Amour - Painting
The View - Sold


The Longing - Painting
Knowing - Painting
Souls on fire - Painting
New Beginnings - Painting
Light Dancers


Innerplation - Painting
Dance of Peace - Painting
Through the Thorns - Painting
Dancing into Life - Painting
Flying - Painting

Crystal - Painting
Serene - Painting
Beyond the sun - Painting
Layers - Painting
Jigsaw - Painting
Crystal - Sold
Layers - Sold

I am woman - Painting
Ghost - Painting
Tribal Self - Painting
Gently the River
Celebration - Painting

Deeper - Painting
Fascets - Painting
Me - Painting
Inner me - Painting
The Veil

Misty - Painting
Desert Woman - Painting
What is a woman - Painting
Melting Moments - Painting
silk Scarf
Silk Scarf - Sold

Flaoting - Painting
In my Mind- Painting
Follow me -ng
Surfacing - Painting
Apple dumpling Man - Painting
Surfacing - Sold


Coming out of my Cave- Painting

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