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By Emelisa Mudle

The little eagle flew so high, letting the wind gently caress his wings. He felt so free, so alive. If only I can stay up here forever and never have to come back down, if only I could. But he had to head down back to a world that was painful, a world that didn't understand. As he landed back to his little tree his brothers taunted him.

"Hey little beak where have u been flying off in the wind again"
You see Elvin was born with a small beak and all through his years he had been giving a hard time about it. He cried so much and as much as he tried to be thick skinned, he hurt, every word, every little poke. So Elvin spent a lot of time to alone.

His parents where no help, they were busy getting food and attending there little gatherings. Elvin was alone, his only solace was flying high above the clouds, it was the only place where he felt understood and accepted. But he knew he couldn't stay up there forever, he thought there has to be somewhere he can go and find love. Elvin would look at his reflection in the lake at times , he just couldn't accept himself. One day as he was flying high above the clouds, he saw in the distance this beautiful glowing white light. He headed closer towards it and saw the most amazing thing he had ever seen. An angel. She had beautiful white wings and bright blue eyes. "Hello Elvin" how did she know my name? "I have been watching you since you were born. You see you are special, and have something to offer all the other eagles and creatures that you come in contact with." I do? "Yes Elvin, do you think your small beak was a mistake?" Yes, how could god be so cruel? "Oh my sweet one" She held him close and Elvin cried, he had never felt so much love and acceptance as he did in that moment. "Elvin the problem isn't the other birds it is you." Me? "Yes sweet one, you do not accept who you are, you do not like what you see when you look down at your reflection." How can I love what I see? "Elvin, you are more than your feathers and body, come with me." Elvin flew with her to a little forest. "Meet Angie" "Hello Angie," Elvin said. She looked up at him and he noticed she only had one eye. "Hello Elvin" He just stared, "how did you loose your eye?" "I was born that way." Then all of her sisters and brothers arrived and hugged Angie and met Elvin and hugged him too. Elvin felt sad, why are they all loving and my family are not? As he spent more time with them he had realised that Angie didn't live like this was a burden. She lived with love and acceptance, she laughed and played and loved what she saw in her reflection. "Elvin this isn't a curse this is a gift," "how?" "Because we are special. Everybody thinks that to have a wonderful life we should have the perfect feathery little body. But this is just a body the heart is the gift. If there is no heart, no love, what is the body but and empty shell. I love who I am and therefore I am loved I may still get harassed sometimes but I love me and the harassment no longer bothers me. You must like who you are first Elvin, when you saw me at first with my one eye how did you feel?" "I felt like I understood I felt compassion" "Yes isn't that a beautiful gift." Elvin started to understand. He flew off back to his home with a sparkle in his eye. His brothers still taunted him but Elvin didn't let it bother him anymore because he knew he was special. Eventually they stopped and in time. He was filled with this great love. Elvin flew all over sharing this newfound understanding. We all have special gifts and Elvin found his.

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