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Corporate Workshops

By Emelisa Mudle


Creative Play Workshops


Our lives get so busy, in the corpoarte world sometimes it feels good to let off a little steam and connect with our work collegues in a fun playful way. Sometimes we go out and drink and party, other times we may go shoot each other with a game of paint ball. How about something completely different, relaxing, joyful, connecting to each other in a different way


I will give you some paint, some canvases, maybe some paper to collage, and the room to just let go and have fun.

Each workshop comes with a theme depending on what the need is.
The theme may just be conneting, maybe just letting go, it could be that you would like to create something fun with your collegues and business and have each painting on your wall as a reminder of what you want to bring into your business. We can also do a big combined painting/Mandala


What you and your employees will gain from doing Emelisa's workshops is:

  • Opening up further into their creative expression

  • A fun, joyful experience

  • Group bonding, connecting with self and fellow collegues Clarity and direction


Emelisa travels running workshops.


Emelisa has spent time working in the West coast of USA and around Australia sharing her knowledge, love and creative spirit.



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