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Creative Workshop Bond University

By Emelisa Mudle

Exploring Creatively

I arrived for a 50-minute workshop on creative exploration, there were approximately 25 students who turned up. The wonderful part about this is none of them had ever experienced using a mandala before.

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Creative Workshop Bond University

We started off talking about mandala's, what they represent and how they can benefit us. Most of the students at this workshop are studying public relations and psychology. I shared with them how the balance of the left and right side of the brain is very important and how using creativity can bring about that balance.


Creative Workshop Bond University

I set an intent:

"Imagining themselves 5 years from now, their hopes and dreams."


By using their opposing hand they started to experience the connection of their sub conscious and feeling intuitive self.


Creative Workshop Bond University

There were some amazing stories and tears to be shared. I know some of them were surprised where this experience took them.


The main canvas was too small for everyone to work on at once, so some people had little board canvases to do there mandala's on.


Once they finished I suggested that everyone make their mark on the main canvas.


Here is end result of the larger canvas which was called" Hope."


Creative Workshop Bond University

The painting went to the Gold Coast Regional Art Gallery where it was exhibited and auctioned. The money went to one of the schools that was destroyed in the cyclone in Innisfail.

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