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Art as a Tool

By Emelisa Mudle


Here is a selection of some of my drawings and mandalas that I have created each one has a story that has assisted me to gain a better understanding of my pain and thoughts that have held me back in life.

I so love expressing creatively its so honest I love how it gets past the story and sabotage our minds set up and how quickly we can see the truth and make changes to live life in a healthier more positive way



The black and white charcoal drawing was an interesting one for me. I was in a relationship at the time and I was looking at this drawing and the cone type shell in the bottom reminded me of those old shells that hearing impaired people would use to put into their ear. The above darker circle was like an eye to me. The next day I was having hearing problems and the following day I had trouble seeing out of one of my eyes, I then realised that the drawing was showing me that I wasn't listening to my intuition or really honestly looking at my situation

mandala6 mandala7
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